Cheer Florida Recognized with #GoBeGreat Award at NCA Nationals

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Together we are #EmmaStrong. Together we can #GoBeGreat.

This year at NCA All-Star Nationals, we were honored to award the #GoBeGreat award to a program who embraced the term “it takes a village”. The village began with their gym in South Florida and, thanks to social media, quickly spread to become the entire all star community. Emma had been a seasoned athlete, competing with Cheer Florida since the age of 6. When she was diagnosed with a brain tumor less than two years ago, her program went into overdrive to make a difference: not just for Emma and her family, but for an entire world challenged to fight childhood cancer.

Cheer Florida created a “We Finish Together” campaign, where old medals were donated to pass out to cancer patients at centers all over the state of Florida. They also organized an #EmmaStrong shoe tag for all star cheerleaders from around the country to use while they were competing. To date, they’ve sold over 3,000 shoe tags to gyms from almost every state in the United States and other countries from around the world.

Cheer Florida also organized a team for the St. Jude walk in Miami.  They had the largest team there and raised over $16,000 to donate for St. Jude in honor of sweet Emma.  They also sold shirts that raised another $4,000 that went directly to Emma’s family.

Two weeks ago, they joined efforts with Cheer Central Suns for the CHEERSPORT Friday Night Light St. Jude Fundraiser and were responsible for $8,000 of the $53,000 raised that weekend. In total, Cheer Florida has raised over $130,000 in funds being used to support Emma’s family, St. Jude, and the never-ending fight to end childhood cancer.

In the words of one of Cheer Florida’s owners, Katya Goldstein, “It was such a blessing to see everyone supporting our cause, our fight and our sweet Emma. She really became a symbol of strength in the face of adversity. If it wasn’t for our village, the all star community, that wouldn’t have been possible.

Thank you Katya and Cheer Florida for what you’ve done to make the world a better place. We were proud to award you with the #GoBeGreat award at NCA All-Star Nationals.

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