Cheer Express Goes Gold for St. Jude

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“St. Jude needs the cheerleading community, and Cheer Express wants to make a difference. “

– Kimberly Dickenson, Cheer Express Gym Owner


Varsity All Star is a proud supporter of St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Across all Varsity Brands, we have teamed up with St. Jude and raised more than $10 million in 10 years to fight childhood cancer. But we couldn’t have done this alone.

There are thousands of cheer, dance, and band programs across the nation that have selflessly fundraised and volunteered to help support the children and families that are battling childhood cancer. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and we want to highlight an all star program that has gone above and beyond to support the mission and vision of St. Jude.


We checked in with Kimberly Dickenson of Cheer Express Allstars to hear more about her “why” behind supporting St. Jude.
Why are you so passionate about St. Jude?

Giving back to others has always been part of the fabric at Cheer Express. Now in our 18th year, CE has partnered with St Jude to help children with the horrific infliction of cancer. Our athletes and parents know that all the funds raised are used for patients and their families, as well as the research required to save young lives.

Probably like most gyms, CE continues to have athletes, parents, relatives and coaches who deal with cancer. Everyone is highly motivated to make a difference for children less fortunate.

What made you decide to focus on fundraising as a core function of your program?

Part of developing young athletes is to instill a desire to help others and give back. It is an attitude that permeates our organization. St Jude needs the cheerleading community, and Cheer Express wanted to make a difference.

What life lessons do you believe your athletes are learning by raising support for St. Jude?

It’s not complicated. There are children who can’t participate in sports, as they fight for their very existence against the mutations of cancer. Compassion for these kids and their families provides the motivation to help. Assisting others less fortunate, has always been part of being a good citizen.

What is your “why” for wanting to make a difference?

Cheerleading is a sport that is a whole lot of fun. Cancer is not. Someone has to step up. Cheer Express says “Why not us?”

Do you have any personal stories or reasons that motivate you to join the fight against childhood cancer?

Over the years we have had siblings and friends of our athletes contract cancer. Several have passed away. It has been all the motivation we need.

In total, how much has Cheer Express been able to raise during your time supporting St. Jude?

We have raised over $150,000 for St Jude.

What types of fundraisers do you put on?

We have auctions, raffles, parent night out, candle drives and parents who are generous and supportive of our efforts towards this charity.

Our favorite fundraiser is our Buckets for Change. Each team has a five-gallon bucket with their name on it in the gym. Parents, athletes and coaches are asked to put their loose change each day in the bucket for St. Jude. The youngest athletes really take this seriously and understand just a little each day can make a big difference.

What would you say to another gym or program that is considering Teaming Up for St. Jude?

There are many wonderful organizations that need financial support. For us, St Jude makes a big difference in the lives of children. We can’t think of a better use of our time and donated funds. We hope all our athletes will support St Jude long after they graduate the sport of cheerleading.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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