Cheer Community Rallies Together After the Storm

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On August 27th, Hurricane Laura barreled across Louisiana and maintained ferocious strength while carving a destructive path hundreds of miles inland. Unfortunately, some of our own were in its path. Louisiana Powerhouse’s Gym in Iowa, LA was completely flattened, suffering a total loss! Owner, Amer Becnel, had more than 400 athletes in the program (Recreational Tumbling and All Star teams). Thankfully, none of the athletes were physically injured in the storm, but more than half of the athletes have lost in their homes and personal belongings.

Leading the charge for donations and on hands on help has been Nicole Leago from University Cheer Air Force (Houston, TX). Nicole and her husband traveled to the city of Iowa five times in the first week, with a trailer full of supplies each time. Since, she has made her way to the area half a dozen more times carrying necessities for the families. Donations included: Gas, ice, food, gift cards, cash and more. She even got a friend to make and freeze over twenty dinners that she personally delivered to families in need.

Although Nicole has been able to donate in cash and goods, around $15,000, she has not been alone in the helping of these families. Gyms from all over the country banded together to provide supplies, comfort and support.  A gym in Austin has donated an entire full-size spring floor, however, they have nowhere to practice yet. Rachael Pearson (Owner, Louisiana Cheer Force of Baton Rouge) has also had a leading role in helping. She has organized a T-Shirt fundraiser and gathered donations as well.

All Star cheerleading has always been about good sportsmanship, friendship and loyalty!  We all come together when one our gyms are in need and this is an opportunity for you to lend a helping hand. Together, they created the hashtag #Lessonsforlessons an opportunity for you to donate what you would have spent on a private lesson and share it to these athletes and families in need. To get involved, visit the GoFundMe here!

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