Beginner’s Guide to Dance

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Powerful First Steps on the Dance Floor

So, you think you want to start dancing? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Dancing is more than just a fun class, it’s a lifestyle, an opportunity to Pursue Greatness, and a community that welcomes you with open arms.

There are a million places to start as you begin your dance journey. But, aside from the classes and studios, there is a mentality that will transform your love of dance into something much greater. How does one achieve that mentality? All it takes is three simple steps:

1. Develop a Growth Mindset:
As you learn how your body reacts to such an ambitious sport, you will face challenges. Your muscles will feel sore or skills may take longer to perform than you originally hoped, but let these challenges push you. Human nature tells us to back away from something “we just can’t do”. Don’t fall into that mindset; use it to keep you moving forward. Instead think, “I can and will get that skill!” or, “My body is sore because I pushed myself.” Once you recognize how many challenges you’ve overcome, continue to attack new ones with a positive mindset. You can do this, and you will not stop until you get there!

2. Patience is Key
In any aspect of life, but especially in dance, you will be different from everyone around you. Maybe Jenna is an amazing turner and can demonstrate a perfect pirouette combination on the drop of a dime. Maybe Michael has the most beautiful leg extensions you’ve ever seen. But what about you? What makes you great? In the dance world, we all progress at different levels and it’s important to recognize this. There’s a beauty in being at your own skill level and pacing yourself. Having the ability to accept your talent for what it is makes a strong dancer and person. So, when you can’t get the perfect headspring at the first practice, take a look at yourself in the mirror and say, “You know what, it’s okay that I don’t have this yet. I’ll get it tomorrow and do my best.”

3. Live in the Moment:
When discovering a new lifestyle or a new hobby, living in the moment is key to true success. Getting to the top is not an easy climb, but you can get there! When joining the realm of dance, set your goals and take time planning what you can do now to achieve them. Do you want to get on a specific team? Do you want to gain flexibility and muscle definition? Or do you want to have fun doing something you love? All are acceptable answers and can be achieved, especial the FUN part! Accept yourself and what you can do at this moment in your journey. Live in and enjoy the now while working towards the future.

So go ahead! Take that first step out on the dance floor and leap into the dance community. We’re always excited to welcome another athlete who shares the same love for what we do.

Written by: @nda_kia

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