A Letter to Future #NDAstaff: The Work Is Worth It!

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Dear Future NDA Staff,

If you have followed NDA for some time, “The work is worth it”, is a familiar phrase that embodies what the National Dance Alliance encompasses. Before I encourage you with all the reasons why you must join this family (Yes, we are a family), I want to formally introduce myself. I’m Caroline, a head instructor with NDA from Miami, Florida. Just as many other NDA staff, I have trained myself to apply the motto, “the work is worth it”, into my everyday life, which has inspired me to aim endlessly for more.

Looking back five years ago, I chose NDA because of the abundance of opportunities this prestigious company could offer me. Besides being organized, this company is always up to date with the continuous evolution of dance. It serves as a constant motivation for me to engage in new techniques and use them after my NDA summers come to an end. It’s so rewarding to have a “summer job” that can constantly teach you new things—trust me!

Are you convinced, yet? I hope so, because NDA not only has expanded my knowledge of dance, but it has also helped me with real-life experiences, customer service skills, voice projection, professionalism, leadership, and all the self-confidence I’ve yearned for—all qualities that I know you, yes you, can acquire. It’s so much more than a summer job. I know you must be thinking, “How is that possible?” Well, I want you to imagine yourself influencing one to maybe even one hundred dancers by simply teaching them one skill. How would you feel? Amazing, right? I get to do that every summer. I get to inspire, and I also get to feel inspired by the amazing dancers and staff I get blessed to work with. Life is about taking chances and this is a chance you must take.

There’s no better feeling wearing the letters, NDA on our hearts. NDA becomes a part of you; it makes you who you are. I would not be the coach, educator, family member, friend, and individual I am today without this “summer job”. So, I challenge you to take the chance and always remember “the work is worth it”.

NDA Caroline



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