A Letter To Future #NDAstaff: More than a summer job!

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Dear Future NDA Staff,

The NDA uniform is a privilege to put on because I truly feel like I can do anything to help anyone. Every time I put that uniform on I grow as a dancer, as a teacher, and as a person. My advice to anyone who is thinking about applying for NDA staff is, go for it. Seriously though, you will not regret the amazing opportunities that are available to you and the wonderful people you will meet.

The people in this company truly are a family and a constant support for you as a dancer and instructor. I have never felt as loved as I do around these enthusiastic, silly, caring, and talented instructors. Applying is the first step to gaining some of your best friends and having the most fun summers of your life. My summers with NDA are some of the most unforgettable memories I have made in my college career. In the summer you build connections, dance your heart out, teach some of the most hungry dancers there are, and change people’s lives. The feeling you get when a camper wants to take a picture with you or remembers you the next year is a feeling you will never be able to duplicate.

The National Dance Alliance lives through professionalism. NDA teaches you how to be independent. You learn how to fill out expense reports, drive to new destinations, and how to communicate with your supervisor. These are future qualities that an employer will look for and NDA puts you one step ahead. NDA has helped me remain organized as a student, brought up conversation in interviews, given me confidence, helped me receive jobs choreographing, and pushed me to grow as a person. My friends at school ask me what I did this summer and when I say “NDA,” they all want to know more. NDA is where connections are made, and you never know how they will affect your future.

Being a part of NDA is such an honor and I feel like I am “working” with the family I never knew I needed. I don’t consider NDA a job, I consider it my summer fun. I get to travel, dance, spend time with friends, and impact people’s lives; what more could you ask for? As I said before, I have had some amazing opportunities through NDA. I got to work a regional competition in Columbia, MO where I learned how to help the judges and present awards at the awards ceremony. I also got to work NDA High School Nationals and NDA College Nationals in Florida. These are opportunities that I would have never been gifted if I didn’t work for such a selfless company. NDA is more than just a summer job, it is the company where you grow more than you ever thought possible!

NDA Malorie


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