A Letter to Future #NDAstaff: Just go for it!

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Dear Future NDA Staff,

My name is Ceirra and I’m from Texas. I have spent the past 3 years on NDA Staff and think you should consider joining me next year. My advice to anyone who is thinking about applying for NDA Staff is to go for it! You miss 100% of the chances you do not take.

I have been attending NDA camp for several years and the staff always amaze me. From dancing ability to teaching ability, they excelled in all areas. I have never left as a camper without being eager to start my dance season. The staff always left a positive impact in all areas of my life. From not only pushing me to become a better dancer, but a better person. I was inspired to apply by the simple fact that I could be among the influential staff that I learned from every summer, and have the chance to impact dancers the way they have impacted me.

I choose to spend my summers with NDA because I know I will constantly be surrounded by greatness. As an instructor at camp, I learn from my fellow staff but especially the campers. The talent and dedication from the teams that I have encountered has been limitless. Seeing tremendous improvement in a couple of days excites me to see what they can accomplish in their dance season. With NDA, I have also have the opportunity to see their great accomplishments by traveling to state and national competitions. It truly is a full circle moment that I get the honor to experience all because of NDA.

I am more than grateful for the opportunities and experiences that NDA has given me because it is truly something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. NDA is a community and I hope you apply so you have the opportunity to see how true it really is.

See you soon,
NDA Ceirra


Want to be a part of NDA Staff next summer?
Applications open November 1!

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