A Letter To Future #NCAstaff: Time to make a difference.

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Dear Future NCA Staff,

Hey everyone! My name is Brianna, I am from Brookings, South Dakota and I have been on NCA Staff for 5 years. When I was in high school, I attended two NCA Summer Camps and two special events with Varsity Spirit. The NCA Staff at both the camps and special events were truly some of the most genuine and talented athletes I had ever seen. I knew that one day I wanted to be in their shoes, and I was willing to do whatever it took to get there. Some of the same instructors that I so vividly remember are now coworkers of mine and some of my very best friends. To NCA Erica, NCA Lindsay, and NCA Ronnie – thank you for being a positive influence in my cheerleading career. The three of you ignited a fire and shared your passion for NCA with me, encouraging me to apply for staff 5 years ago.

There is no greater feeling, as a staffer, than to see your Buddy teams improve throughout camp and leave feeling more confident. Helping young athletes grow and develop, both athletically and emotionally, is a truly special bond that you cannot take away. It is so rewarding to return to the same camp, year after year, and see the same teams, athletes and coaches achieve great things!

Every day, my mom tasks me with the question, “What will you do to make a difference today?” I never knew the impact that one person could leave on such a big world until I started working for the National Cheerleaders Association.

I have traveled more in the past five years than some people have in their entire life, and a majority of that has been through NCA. Camps, state competitions, choreography, nationals, and special events are just a few of the things I have been able to do during my time on staff. I can honestly say that I have friends in almost every state now, thanks to NCA!

Some of my fondest memories over the past five years include some realm of NCA, whether doing karaoke on road trips with staff or seeing the pure joy of an athlete after gaining a new skill. NCA has given me endless opportunities to better myself and grow professionally. I quickly learned to be very independent and learned how to manage my time efficiently. Through every mile traveled, camp worked, and memory made – I can honestly say that #theworkWASworthit.

When you become a part of NCA Staff, you become part of something bigger than yourself. It is truly something that is indescribable, and I want nothing more than to share this with you!


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