A Letter to Future #NCAstaff: The opportunities are endless.

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Dear Future NCA Staffer,

Hello! My name is Tucker Hunter and I have been on NCA Staff for 8 years. Whether you’ve been thinking about being an NCA Staff member for years, or you were randomly approached last minute to apply, it is absolutely a decision you should follow through with. Everyone’s journey to NCA is different but you will definitely not regret it once you complete your first summer with this amazing company.

I was one of those people that knew about NCA Staff for a long time but didn’t truly consider applying until my sophomore year of college. I had some friends who were going to be staffing and I didn’t want to miss out. Once I started, I immediately wished I would’ve started sooner! This job gives you a family of staff all across the country and no matter what camp you are working, it is so easy to just click with your fellows staffers. Some of my best summers were spent working camps with NCA, except it didn’t even feel like a job. I would have continued teaching camps even if I wasn’t getting paid because I enjoyed it that much.

A special part of being on NCA staff is the huge influence you have once you put on that red, white and blue shield. You represent one of the largest cheerleading organizations in the world and you truly become an ambassador for cheerleading. I love the reaction you receive from campers when you help them achieve their goals and the ability to play a small part in their cheerleading journey.

Being on NCA Staff has helped me become more responsible and gain valuable career experience. You are learning to travel on your own, budget your money throughout the summer, communicate effectively with customers and coaches, public speaking and becoming a mentor to young athletes. My confidence and ability to independently complete tasks has grown so much within my time with NCA.

A camp that holds a special place to me is the NCA College Camp at Southern Methodist University. It was my very first NCA camp to attend as a camper and made such a huge impact on me. I loved the energy and all around experience. I knew I wanted to be in those staffer’s shoes one day. I continued to attend this camp as an Oklahoma State University cheerleader for four years and then immediately became an instructor at the camp when I graduated. To this day I still get the jitters and excitement right before the first opening rally of the summer in Moody Coliseum.

NCA has provided me numerous opportunities that I am so thankful for. I have made so many friends all across the country that I truly cherish seeing whenever the opportunity arrises. I have been able to teach camps in over 20 states and 3 countries including Canada and Japan and have attended numerous special events and competitions across the nation. Not only that, but NCA has even provided me with a full time job. After graduating from OSU, I was offered a position at the NCA Corporate Office in 2014 and have been here ever since. It has been such a unique job experience that has provided me so much career knowledge in the cheerleading industry.

All of these opportunities were possible because I took a leap of faith and decided to apply for NCA Staff to be around some of my friends in the summer. It has been an incredible experience and after all of these years, it still holds true that #theworkisworthit.


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