5 Ways to Make This Summer SUPER

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5 Ways to Make This Summer SUPER

– UDA Alexis

Hey Dancers and Coaches,

I hope everyone’s season is off to a great start! It’s UDA Alexis and I’m here with 5 ways to make your summer SUPER!! Summer is one of the best times to have fun, relax and get ready for another dance season. I have made a top 5 list of ideas that will help you all have your best summer yet…

1.        Spend time outside

The weather is great, so what better time to get outside and participate in some summertime fun! You can take walks around the neighborhood or even go hiking at a nearby park. You can have a picnic with your family or friends. Swimming is also such a great way to enjoy the weather!

2.        Learn a new skill

There are so many cool dance tricks that you can learn! Something I love to do is look on Youtube and find a move that I can challenge myself with. Ideas of skills to learn are: Calypsos, Turning Disk, Kip-ups and Headsprings.

3.        Do a workout

If you are looking for a great workout, head over to Varsity Fit to help you stay in shape throughout the summer! They have awesome workouts that are designed to help dancers and cheerleaders. Another great workout is running! Grab a friend and go for a run around the neighborhood.

4.        Read a new book

What better time than to relax by reading a new book? I love spending time relaxing by reading books. The best part about this one is you can read anywhere you want! One of my favorite places to read is when I’m laying out near a pool.

5.        Do something nice for someone else

Think about a time when someone did something nice for you. Didn’t it make your day a little better? There are so many small acts of kindness you can do for others. Spreading positivity is something that everyone needs. Remember, a simple smile and thank you go a long way.


These are just 5 simple ways that will help you have the best summer ever! I know I can’t wait to do all of these and I hope you all will do them too!

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