5 Ways to Gear up for UDA Summer Camp

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5 Ways to Gear up for UDA Summer Camp

-UDA Meredith

UDA Camp 2020 is almost here! We are so excited for your team to have the absolute best time! At camp, dancers will participate in learning routines, taking technique classes, enjoying team building activities, and so much more! Here are five ways to better prepare yourself and your team for camp this summer:

Get to Know your Teammates

UDA Camp will provide so many opportunities for team building, however, getting to know your teammates before camp will make it that much more memorable! Whether it’s on a video call or in-person, teambuilding activities build trust among members, improve communication skills, and allows the team to unite! A great teambuilding activity via video call is two truths and a lie! Have each member tell the team three facts, and then the team has to guess which is a lie! A great in-person team building activity is the Human Knot. Have each member stand in a circle facing each other and have everyone hold hands with two different people across from them. The goal is to untangle the knot without releasing hands, communication is key!

Discuss your Team Goals

The beginning of the season is a great time for teams to go over their goals and expectations for the season. Before coming to camp, talk to your teammates about the goals you have both for UDA camp and for the season. For example, a goal for UDA camp could be for the team to improve a certain skill during a team technique class. Setting goals as a team will allow everyone to be on the same page once you get to camp! We cannot wait to help your team achieve your goals this season!

Get ready for lots of Dancing!!

Throughout camp, you will learn routines, take part in team technique classes, and other breakout classes. The days are full of dancing so your team can start the season strong and have performance-ready routines! Working on technique and dancing together as a team before camp, will better prepare your team for full days of dancing. Also, make sure you get lots of sleep and bring snacks that will fuel your body!

Plan your Crazy Night Outfits!

The 2020 UDA Summer Camp theme is SUPERHEROES! Crazy Night is a night full of fun games and team building activities on Day 3 of camp! Start planning your outfits with your teammates now! Channel your innermost superhero with masks, capes, gloves, or honor heroes in your community or school that inspire your team!

Get Excited for the Best Week of Summer

The UDA Staff has been working hard to make camp a week full of fun and growth! We hope you are just as excited as we are! The best way you can prepare for camp is to get your teammates excited! Whether it is your first time at camp, or you’ve been before, it is going to be such a positive experience for your team! Get excited, we cannot wait to dance with you soon!

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