5 Ways to Bond with Your New Team this Summer

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About this time of year, you have gotten your team placements and you can hardly wait to get the season started. Want to know the BEST thing you can do between now and choreography time? Build solid relationships and friendships with your new teammates!

If you look at teams who have success, they all have one thing in common – a strong team bond. So, while you might not be able to get in the gym to practice your pyramid quite yet, creating friendships and trust with your new team is just as important as skills when it comes to your success in the upcoming season.


Here are 5 ways to bond with your new team over the summer!


1. Words of Appreciation

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and welcomed, especially when joining a new team! You might have teammates that just moved into a new level and are nervous, or maybe they live further away and don’t have any friends yet at the gym. Or… maybe YOU are this person! Either way, writing notes to the team to introduce yourself or welcome new friends is a great way to start a strong team bond early on.

2. Stay Connected

Creating a group message with EVERYONE included is a fun way to start getting to know one another. Ask your coach to set up a BAND group with your new team that is strictly for fun and learning more about each other. This will be a fun way to send funny GIF’s and memes or ask if anyone wants to grab ice cream together!

3. Let’s Get Together!

Scheduling non-cheer related get togethers will help your team develop friendships that go beyond the mat. Singing karaoke together at a team sleep over or making bow keychains to put on your bag this season are all fun activities to start feeling like a team rather than individuals.

4. Get Fit and Have Fun

During the summer months, it is important to stay conditioned to maintain your skills and prepare for the year ahead. Committing to a summer fitness challenge with your team allows you to stay connected AND stay in top physical shape. Keep each other accountable in your BAND group by posting your workouts or sending reminders. By cheering each other on, you are setting the foundation to encourage one another the rest of the year.

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5. Buddy System

No matter if you are new to the team or have been there for years – everyone likes to know they have someone to turn to no matter what. Suggest to your coach to pair up everyone with a “buddy” for the season. Connecting veterans with rookies is a good way for new teammates to feel connected and a chance for the seasoned vet to share their knowledge. Your buddy can start in the summer and carry out to the rest of the season as your stretching partner or even the person you take the mat with at every competition!


We are just as excited as you to get this season started. Let us know if you tried any of these ideas by sharing on Instagram and tagging @varsityallstar!


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