5 Ways To Be Productive Over Summer Break

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Ahh summer vacation… a time to relax, spend time with your friends, and maybe even go on a family vacation! While summer is a great time to unwind, it also is a good idea to get that stuff done that you might have put off during the school year. Between chilling by the pool and going to tumbling lessons – here are 5 productive things that you can do this summer to ensure the 2021-2022 school year is the best yet!

1. Clean out your room

Throughout the school year, you might have the tendency to let old homework assignments and random papers start to clutter up the top of your dresser and nightstand. Give yourself a fresh start by throwing away any unnecessary documents and safely storing the ones that really matter (we’re talking those college applications and 100% exams that you’re super proud of). Along with papers, try getting rid of those things around your room that you really don’t need. Things like old electronics, video games, jewelry that you never wear, and anything else that doesn’t – as Marie Kondo says – “spark joy”.

2. Reorganize your phone

There’s nothing worse than looking at your phone at seeing five billion little red notifications. Give yourself some peace of mind by going through your phone and deleting the apps that you downloaded on a whim or hardly ever open. For the apps that you do want to keep, go through your alerts and get caught up with anything you might need to read or update. Trust us – looking at your phone and seeing the notifications that actually matter will help you respond to people quicker and not let important messages fall into the endless abyss.

3. Sell or donate clothes

Did you know that the average person only wears about 20% of the items in their closet on a regular basis? That means 80% of your clothes, shoes, scarfs, hats, belts and jewelry goes unworn. This summer, go through your closet and get rid of your clothes that never make it off the hanger. Make three piles: sell, donate, and keep. Then go through each item and decide what is going to make the cut. If you are having a hard time deciding, use the 3-month rule. Have you worn it in the past 3 months? No? Then get rid of it! Plus: with the extra money you make from selling your clothes, you can buy yourself some cute new practice wear!

4. Create a schedule

It’s easy to let summer days slip through our fingers if we aren’t intentional about how we spend them. Set a daily schedule to follow this summer that helps keep you in the routine of getting up, getting active, and doing at least one thing a day that makes you feel accomplished! By sticking to your schedule during the summer, it will make the transition back to school, practice, and competitions a lot easier.

5. Make a bucket list

Don’t let the summer slip by without making a bucket list of fun items for you and your friends to do together! Come up with a list of things that you have always talked about doing and make sure every last one is checked off before the first day of school comes around. Explore that hike that you never had time to do, have your team over for a fire and smores, or have a movie marathon where you watch all of the prequels of your favorite movie series – whatever you decide, be sure you write it down to look back on in the years to come![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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