Meet the 2022 Varsity All Star Pinnacle Award Winners!

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Teamwork, Dedication, Confidence, Leadership – this is The Varsity All Star Pinnacle Award.

The Varsity All Star Pinnacle Award was created to recognize athletes that exemplify exceptional leadership qualities and dedication to all star. This award is based on the four characteristics of #AllStarStrong Teamwork, Dedication, Confidence, and Leadership. Pinnacle Athletes are leaders, encouragers, and always strive to put the team before themselves. This year, Varsity All Star opened up Pinnacle nominations to gym owners, coaches, and Varsity employees to recognize extraordinary individuals in the all star cheer and dance community.

This season, The 2022 Pinnacle Award was awarded to one athlete at each of The Summit Championships, including The Summit, The Dance Summit & The D2 Summit.

The Summit

Alayna Sherwood – Step 1 All Stars North Fantastic – L4 Senior Small

Alayna is a young lady completely dedicated to the sport of all star cheerleading.  She began when she was 3 years old, and has grown into a leader in her gym, school and community. She is now 16 years old and has gone above and beyond to continue her education and involvement in all star cheerleading. She has attended BOLT and is a member of the Athlete Advisory Committee through the USASF.  She has also participated in the Safe and Secure Athlete Training.  While attending high school, she also attends the local college.

Her gym owner, Melanie, says this about Alayna, “I can rely on her in every aspect. She has been a junior coach of mine for the last 2 years. Alayna truly understands the sport and knows how to teach and coach it. She is an incredible mentor to our younger athlete and leads by example. I believe that many of my athletes would be deserving of this award, however, I am nominating her for The Varsity Pinnacle Award because of her leadership abilities, her talent, dedication to all star and most of all the fact that she gives her all at practices.”


The Dance Summit

Gabriella Bortone – The Source Dance Lab Blackout – Large Junior Hip Hop

Gabriella has been with The Source Dance lab since she was 7 years old. She is a remarkable athlete and has accomplished great strides in her dance career at such a young age. Gabriella has danced in the Billboard Awards, in an Arianna Grande music video, and is a featured dancer in the Netflix Musical “13” coming out this May! Her list of accomplishments is incredible and has truly demonstrated dedication and hard work as a dancer. She is an excellent student and a great role model in her community. She is enrolled in advanced classes academically and was just accepted into High Tech High School to study film and digital design. She also assists weekly classes and gives back to her younger athletes and peers in the studio.

Her coach, Courtney,  says this about Gabriella, “To think a few years back at 7 years old, she barely had a one handed cartwheel and is now currently working on advanced collegiate skills is incredible. What we enjoy the most about Gabriella is her undeniable work ethic and desire to continue pushing herself and raising the barre, for not only her but her team. In Gab’s eyes the team comes first and if she can add anything to the team, any skill, any facial, anything – she will do it 100% every day of the week. It is an honor to be her coach and share our dance journey with her.”


The D2 Summit

Lacie Logan – USA Stars Task Forc3 – L3 Senior Coed D2

Lacie Logan is an exceptional leader, her passion and conviction for other athletes are shown in each endeavor she accomplishes.  Her work ethic and inspirational attitude encourages others to reach their fullest potential. She leads her team with words and actions. She provides the first word of encouragement when practices and competitions get tough.  Lacie illustrates to all athletes that if you put in the time, work hard, and strive for excellence, you will achieve success. Lacie will be attending Liberty University online in the fall with the dream of continuing to cheer and coach while pursuing a career in elementary education.  Her example on and off the mat in cheer and academics has created a desire in other athletes to focus on achieving academic excellence as well as succeeding in their chosen sport.

Her gym owner, Denise, says this about Lacie, “Our coaching team always shares a smile when a new athlete joins a team and says, “I want to be like Lacie!”  Lacie has juggled a busy high school career in cheer and as a member of various honor societies but has never missed a practice, competition, or tumbling class. She mentors her teams through her actions and leads her teammates to strive for excellence. As a cornerstone for her team, she puts forth her best effort and encourages those around her to do the same. She is a coach of our tiny team and assists with skill classes. She is always working on the next skill to accomplish and pushing herself to go beyond our requests.”


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