10 Facts About Stretching

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  1. Stretching can improve flexibility
    The more stretching that you do and the more that you move your muscles, the easier it will become. This is one of the best things you can do to improve your flexibility.
  2. Stretching can improve posture
    Stretching can also improve your posture. Stretching will strengthen your muscles and help with proper alignment, which helps with body posture.
  3. Stretching increases blood flow to your muscles
    Stretching increases blood flow, boosts oxygen levels and helps deliver nutrients to your muscles. It also removes metabolic waste such as carbon dioxide, ammonia and uric acid.
  4. Stretching throughout the day is a good idea
    The majority of people sit down throughout the day, whether it’s working, virtual school or binge watching TV. Stretching for a short period of time each day can help to loosen up those tight muscles and help to prevent future injury.
  5. You should warm up first then stretch – dynamic stretching is better than static stretching
    Dynamic stretches, which includes moving while stretching, should be done during a warmup. Dynamic stretches include jumping jacks, lunges, pushups etc. Too much stretching will result in a decrease in strength and performance before an athletic performance.
  6. Stretching can help to decrease injury
    Stretching can help with flexibility and decrease your risk of injury, as long as you do not do static stretches before you start your exercise.
  7. Stretching is great for mental health and calming the mind
    Stretching allows you to recharge and refresh the blood flow throughout your body. It provides your mind with a mental break, which gives you a calmer mindset.
  8. Stretching can increase your energy levels
    Being that stretching can increase your blood and nutrient flow throughout your body, your energy levels will be increased as well.
  9. Stretching releases tension
    Stress can be carried within your muscles. Your muscles tend to tighten up as a defensive strategy. This is why stretching is a great way to relieve stress, because the more you stretch the less tense your muscles will be.
  10. Stretching can decrease your daily pain
    Static stretching works by desensitizing your joints and reducing tension in your muscles. It will help to improve your range of motion and mobility, which allows for greater movement versus being stiff and in pain.


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