Varsity Update

September 2022

Together, we’ve built Varsity Spirit by focusing on continuous improvement with the ultimate goal of being the best at everything we do—and above all, that means continuing to raise the bar in athlete safety. With Varsity’s uncompromising commitment to safety in mind, I’m excited to officially welcome our new Director of Event Security, Janelle Miller—a seasoned security professional with 20+ years of global security leadership experience ranging from the FBI to private industry to professional sports.

Janelle will be responsible for a comprehensive safety program across Varsity Spirit events and camps, including setting security requirements for all Varsity Spirit activities. Janelle possesses deep security and safety expertise, a proven track record of developing, enhancing, and refining security, safety strategy, and policy, and experience designing and implementing a security and safety training roadmap for major organizations like Varsity Spirit. Notably, Janelle has built security protection and investigative partnerships for complex, large-scale events, including Dubai, UAE (TIME 100 International Gala); Glasgow, Scotland (TIME 2030 event); Mexico City (NFL-Azteca Stadium); and London (NFL-Tottenham and Wembley Stadiums).

I am confident Janelle, working in close partnership with our events management team, will be instrumental in further advancing the safety and security of our events and providing the safest possible environment for our athletes, fans, and employees. With your engagement and support, Varsity will continue to act on our long-standing commitment to keeping all athletes safe, welcome, and protected.

Please join me in welcoming Janelle to the Varsity Spirit family.

Bill Seely