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Unite the Sights & Sounds of SPIRIT!

The Game Day Leadership Camp Experience

Bring together the main drivers of school spirit – cheer, dance and band to fuel the passion and spirit found in every high school across America, on every sideline, in every halftime show, of every season. Learn to work together during game day performances, perfect existing traditions or establish new ones, and discover innovating ways to illustrate the sights and sounds of the school.

Sample Schedule & Curriculum Highlights

Pregame Traditions
Each group will learn how to create excitement and engage the crowd before the game even begins! From the stadium entrance to the team run-on, the suspense is at an all-time high before kickoff. The Pregame Traditions workshop will teach cheer, dance and band what each group should be doing separately and cohesively to get the crowd up on their feet before the clock starts running.
Band Chant
This is an opportunity for the band to play spirited music that reflects a high-energy game day environment that the cheerleaders and dancers can incorporate visual movements and encourage fan participation. The Band Chant workshop will teach The cheerleaders to utilize spirit raising props, the dancers to highlight creative movements such as level changes or ripples to encourage a call back from the audience and the band to incorporate their own style into their pieces.
Fight Song
A school’s fight song shows years of tradition and is played at the happiest moments; when the team scores a touchdown, makes a field goal, or a winning victory. The Fight Song workshop will help the band focus on sound quality, technical accuracy, musicality and engagement. The band should lead the cheerleaders, dancers and crowd with their performance, as well as participate in callbacks, if applicable.
Game Traditions
Each school has a different set of game day traditions, but a school’s cheerleaders’, dancers’ and bands’ traditions should all align.
One-on-one time with the Varsity Spirit Instructors will help coordinate the traditions of Kick-Off, First Down, Touchdown, Interceptions, Defense, Third Down, Change of Quarters, etc.


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