You’re the Pom!

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You’re the Pom!

Just like adding accessories to your outfit, poms help complete your spirit wardrobe while serving as a functional prop to engage your crowd at games.  Want your fans to yell your team colors?  Want to add a little sparkle to your traditional school uniform?  Want to update your look in a cost-effective way?  Poms can easily fulfill those needs by starting with a well thought-out selection.  Just remember the 4 S’s.

1. Size:  Choose between 8, 6 and 4 inch poms.  To select your size, consider how often your team will be cheering throughout the year, the types of events you’ll be cheering for and the style of cheers and dances your team performs.

2. Shade:  Varsity has a wide array of color options to make the perfect hue for you!  Select between standard school colors or switch it up by adding black, charcoal grey or silver.

3. Sheen:

  • Vinyl: These traditional vinyl poms offer strands in a matte color of your choosing.
  • Shimmer: A step up from vinyl, shimmer poms offer a “wet” look with options in Bright Gold and White.
  • Metallic:  Add vibrancy and shine with metallic poms that reflect light and add that special “pop” to your motions.
  • Holographic:  Holographic strands truly sparkle in the light with luminous properties that stay true to their color.
  • Fire:  Fire strands are iridescent and reflect color properties from the entire spectrum.  These are very popular among dance teams as they reflect colors from the whole costume.
  • Strand:  Poms can take on a whole new look by mixing up the strands.  Choose a solid pom or mix your strands with multiple shades and sheens!

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