What’s Up with the NCA Staff?

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Ever wonder what the NCA Staff is up to when they aren’t at NCA Summer Camp?

Besides showing your squad a new sideline chant or teaching you how to be S.A.F.E. during stunt class, the NCA Staff has been up to some exciting activities this summer! Check out what your favorite buddy has been up to, then be sure to follow them on Instagram to keep up with their NCA Summer Camp adventures! 


Long Summer Bike Rides

NCA Kortni (@ncakortni) from Arkansas has been enjoying long bike rides with her husband during those warm summer nights. Riding bikes is a great way to have fun and helps maintain her cardio and stamina for all the camps that she gets to staff this summer!



Starting a Job as a News Reporter

NCA Sarah (@nca_sarah) from Pennsylvania recently started a position as a weekend reporter for a local news station. With the help of her journalism degree and those public speaking skills she developed at NCA Summer Camp, Sarah will be a natural at delivering the latest breaking news!



Paddle Boarding in Arizona

NCA Kelsey (@nca_kelsey) from Texas is using her top girl skills to balance on a paddle board during her vacation in Arizona. Spending some time in the Arizona sunshine is just what this Texas girl needed before heading back home to teach the rest of her camps!



Attending NCA College Camp

NCA Lindsey (@nca_lindsey) from Oklahoma sported the orange and black as she attended SMU College Camp with OSU. After being at SMU as a camper, Lindsey is already back in NCA uniform ready teach the rest of the NCA College Camps this summer!



Practicing for San Antonio Spurs Tryouts

NCA Ronnie (@ncaronnie) from Texas has spent his summer preparing for the San Antonio Spurs Hype Squad tryouts. This will be Ronnie’s second year trying out to be a part of the hype squad where he is able to bring his NCA spirit to the NBA court!




Training for American Ninja Warrior

NCA Emily (@nca_emily) from Oregon has been working hard to be selected for the American Ninja Warrior competition. All that stunting and tumbling during summer camps has definitely helped keep her in peak physical condition for this intense competition. Good luck, Emily!

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