What to Expect at UDA Camp 2018!

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UDA is super excited to kick off Summer 2018! We can not wait to meet you and your team at your upcoming UDA camp. Before arriving to camp, it is extremely important to have a general idea of what to expect from each day of camp. By understanding the camp schedule prior to coming, your team will have an even better camp experience!


The first day of camp starts with our UDA Camp Kick Off, which includes a brief introduction of the UDA staff working your UDA camp. In addition, dancers will learn their performance routine. New to UDA this year, performance routines are routines that are a variety of levels and styles and are geared towards school performances such as halftimes, pep rallies, or community service performances. Dancers will learn this routine as a team and have multiple times throughout camp to add formations, transitions, levels, etc. to make this routine performance ready. After learning performance routine, if your team is participating in home routine, there is an optional home routine walk through. Following dinner, home routine evaluations


In the morning of day two, All Americans learn their routine before warmup. After warmup, there is a short review of the performance routine, followed by the teaching of “A” routine. Unlike performance routine, dancers learn “A” routines individually and not as a team. Around midday after lunch, teams participate in #squadgoals classes and team technique class. Furthermore, dancers learn their last routine, their “B” routine. Similar to “A” routines, dancers learn their “B” routines as individuals. Before dismissing for dinner, dancers are lead in a cool down stretch. Following dinner, dancers take two elective skill station classes; the skills offered during this time are chosen by the coaches. To end the night, there are drill downs, team building, team leader, and announcements. After dismissal, there is an allotted optional open practice for dancers to practice their routines. After dismissal, there is an allotted optional open practice for dancers to practice their routines.


Similar to day two, day three starts with a review of the All American routine followed by the warmup. The morning of day three focuses on primarily reviewing “A” routine and “B” routine. After reviewing these routines, each team has performance routine private coaching with an assigned UDA instructor. Once all private coaching sessions are complete, dancers participate in drill downs and UDA staff demonstrates the process of evaluations. Later in the afternoon, there are All American evaluations and performance routine evaluations, as well as another team technique class. Following dinner is Team Turnt Up! Team Turnt Up!, formerly called Crazy Night, is a fun, space-themed night full of games, relay races, and dance battles. After Team Turnt Up!, there is team leader and team building. Before a thirty-minute open practice, UDA staff ends the night by announcing who has been selected for All American.


For final day, the dancers warmup and quickly review their “A” and “B” routines before evaluations. Following this review, dancers are evaluated on their “A” and “B” routines. Dancers will be evaluated by a UDA instructor and receive either a blue, red, or white ribbon based off of their memory and showmanship. To end camp, dancers participate in final drill downs, and UDA staff hands out final awards.

Too say the least, upon coming to UDA camp, you and your team should expect a jam-packed four days filled with a variety of activities that are guaranteed to make your team’s camp experience and future season truly unforgettable. All of UDA staff cannot wait to see you and your team at your upcoming UDA camp!


-By Harley Southmayd

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