We Danced in Your Shoes

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We know things are different but it’s only for a little while. In the meantime, your NDA Instructors wrote some letters, with the hopes of making you smile. You see, our Staff were once young dancers wanting to Pursue Greatness too. So here are some words of encouragement from some of them to you!


Dear Dancer,
I have been dancing since the age of three and haven’t stopped since. Dance is a way for me to push myself where other sports and activities did not. Dancing has given me amazing opportunities like learning how to be a leader on a high school team and even at my job as an NDA Instructor.

Getting the chance to teach thousands of dancers across the nation from middle school to college not only enhanced my dancing and technique, but also strengthened by work ethic and leadership skills.

NDA has even opened doors for coaching positions, working with teams during competition season, and choreography opportunities. All of that hard work growing up in dance was so worth it, and has led to where I’m at today! I challenge all the young dancers at home right now to keep working, but mostly have fun and enjoy dancing and what it does in your life! The Work Is Worth It!

Dear Athlete,
Dance has taught me hard work and resilience. If you put in the work you will see results. If life doesn’t go your way you have a choice to let it get the best of you or focus on what you can control.

You can continue to Pursue Greatness and achieve your dance goals by getting an accountability partner! Workout online together or share your fitness rings to keep each other motivated!

Although this time is difficult we know that eventually it will come to an end. Keep training and pushing toward your goals to be ready for that incredible moment when you get to step back in the studio. The Work Is Always Worth It!

Dear Performer,
Dance is all about passion, art, and athleticism. It is an outlet to express emotions and build confidence to become a leader.

To  Pursue Greatness means to always be true to who you are. Being your authentic self will create so many great relationships and keep you motivated to achieve your goals!

We are all in this together! Remember to support those around you and keep your head up. Your dance family is here for you always. You can do it!


Dear Positive Thinker,
Dance has constantly challenged me to grow as a person, step out of my comfort zone, and build lifelong friendships along the way. The opportunities and experiences that dance has provided me has molded me into the confident person I am today.

A tip on how to Pursue Greatness is to always be optimistic. Constantly look on the bright side no matter the situation—you’ll be shocked at how this influences your day-to-day life! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time!



Dear Artist,
Dance has been a prime influence in cultivating who I have become as a person. From teaching me poise and confidence through performance, to unifying cohesion and how to productively be a team player, I can attribute many of my personal characteristics as an adult to my dance influence.

You can Pursue Greatness by figuring out what part of dance inspires you and shape your dance journey in that direction. Do you like the artist aspect? Focus on modern, contemporary or dance theater. Do you like the athleticism and intensity? Dive into competitions and personal goal setting with technical elements. Bottom line is that you become more successful in dance when you find what aspect drives you.

One of the best opportunities we have during this quarantine is being able to solely focus on ourselves. Use this time to polish whatever avenue you think you need to so that when we come back together as a team we are stronger as a unit. The strength of a team is determined by the strength of the individuals that make up the team. So take this time to self-evaluate and push forward making yourself stronger for all of those in your dance family.
– NDA Tessa

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