#UCAstaff Camp Series: Westfield State University

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Hey, I’m Hannah! I’m a UCA instructor from Pennsylvania and I am excited to share my experiences with you from one of my favorite camps! Teams and instructors alike wait all year for the end of July to go to the biggest camp in New England at Westfield State University. Arvid and Brooke Tenney have been running Solid Ground Stunts camp at WSU for years, and their passion for cheerleading and their bond with the teams they work with keeps everyone coming back year after year. This camp holds a special place in my heart, as I have been lucky enough to experience it as both a camper and an instructor. Every year, my time at Westfield is incredible and I am always eager to come back for another camp.

At Westfield, everyone works hard and plays hard for four days of camp packed with skills, learning, teamwork, and of course, a whole bunch of fun! Teams focus on improving their stunting and pyramid skills and incorporating these into crowd-effective cheers and competitive rally routines. On final day, the teams compete a routine that is created by combining their cheer and rally routine. It is amazing to see teams from the area such as North Attleboro, Mercy, Torrington, and Newtown return each year with more skills and excitement. Because they see each other every summer at camp, these teams have grown to become great friends.

Westfield UCA Camps are filled with tradition, such as the lip sync competition on night two. Teams put together their own performance and can even dress up to lip sync to their favorite song. Night three is always one to remember. It starts with the annual Cheer Olympics, where teams compete in several challenges such as the most retakes, the longest handstand and the highest basket toss. Every year, teams break records and amaze the staff with their strength and mental toughness. Later, the camp finishes off with a huge final night dance party complete with costumes, music and the top banana award!

Solid Ground Stunts UCA Camps are always an exciting experience where teams can learn and grow. These camps have created a supportive environment throughout the teams in New England, where cheerleaders can have fun, learn, and be themselves! Hope to see you there!

– @ucahannah

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