#UCAstaff Camp Series: The University of Alabama

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Hi! My name is Alex. I am a UCA Instructor from sweet home Alabama! UCA camps are always my favorite part of summer and The University of Alabama is where all the magic happens!

Camp at the University of Alabama is held in the Hank Crisp Indoor Facility, which measures over 130 yards of practice space. Under one roof, this makes it the largest indoor collegiate practice facility in the nation! Not only is it extremely spacious, but it is also air conditioned! All week long, campers are getting some of the best game day practice on a field that simulates the real thing- all while staying cool!

The UCA Staff at Alabama are always some of our nation’s best and one of my favorite parts about camp is performing in the iconic opening demo. Right before we take the field, a sea of campers charge through the door with energy out of this world! That same energy is sustained by an exhilarating performance by Alabama’s very own, “Big AL.” The UCA Staff will follow up with a demo packed with beautifully executed, high school and collegiate level skills, and a spirited staff that will steal your heart!

On final day, senior cheerleaders get an opportunity to hear from USA Cheer and UA coed cheerleading coach, Christa Sanford. Here, they’re able to ask detailed questions and get a bit of guidance on transitioning from high school to collegiate level cheerleading. Christa is usually accompanied by current UA cheerleaders who give the inside scoop on their experiences with cheering in college.

Some of the largest camps I’ve been a part of, have been run at the University of Alabama with sometimes over a thousand athletes! How cool is that? On average (Including UDA and College Camp), summer enrollment has been over four thousand athletes for the last twenty-five years! With camps this big, you’re sure to make new friends from all over the nation.

In addition to the phenomenal instructional staff and state of the art facilities, teams often return to camp each year for the heart-warming southern hospitality and memories made that truly last a lifetime. UCA Camp at the University of Alabama is the perfect way to bond with your team and the best way to jumpstart your season.

Roll Tide and I hope to see you next year!


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