#UCAstaff Camp Series: Texas A&M

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Hey there, my name is Haley and I’m a UCA Instructor from deep in the heart of Texas! I’ve had some great camp memories this summer that I can’t wait to share with you.

UCA Camp at Texas A&M University is like no other! Camp is at the university’s recreational center that is second to none. The facilities at Texas A&M are impeccable and make everybody who visits wish that they were an Aggie! 

We start off camp at Texas A&M with our opening staff demos. This is a favorite for both the cheerleaders and the UCA Staff! By day two, we are well into our Game Day classes, Dance classes, and Private Coaching!

Every year I am lucky enough to work with some fantastic teams while at Texas A&M. This year my littles were Legacy Christian Varsity and Weslaco East Varsity. Their constant smiles, excitement and energy that they brought to camp made me look forward to seeing them every morning at Big Sister Check In.

My favorite part of camp at Texas A&M University is the enthusiasm that the kids bring to camp each year. The teams at A&M are always cheering – in between classes, walking to and from meal breaks and of course during our time for Spirit Sticks and the Top Banana! The Texas A&M cheerleaders also visit us at camp, which always takes the energy up to a new level.

UCA Summer Camp at Texas A&M University is undoubtedly one of a kind! These camps are a great way for teams to improve their cheerleading skills, become closer as a team, and most importantly — have fun. There is truly no place I would rather spend my UCA summers than at Texas A&M University!

Gig ‘Em,

 – @UCA_Haley

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