#UCAstaff Camp Series: Panama City Beach Edgewater

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The Place to pc(B)

Hi everyone! I’m Emily, a UCA Instructor from Florida and one half of @UCAtwins! In Florida we have some cool places to attend UCA Camp, but one of my personal favorites is The Edgewater Beach Resort! There is something special each and every day at this Resort Camp location.

Day 1: Game Day Cheer Class on the beach! Toes in the sand and pom-poms in hand, something you can’t experience anywhere else!

Day 2: Beach Break! You and your team can enjoy all the fun amenities Edgewater has to offer in the sunshine, including the beach and the beautiful resort style pool. It is the perfect time to bond as a squad!

Glenbrook High School enjoying the beach!

Day 3: After we break for dinner its time of the poolside luau, so don’t forget your bathing suit, hula skirt and best dance moves!

Day 4: Final Day – time to show off all your hard work!

One of my favorite parts about UCA Camp at Edgewater is the tradition it holds. UCA Camp on the beach is something you can’t experience at other places around the country, so many teams travel from many different states for these camps. This includes: Bayside Academy from Alabama, Hixson High School from Tennessee, Adams County Christian School from Mississippi, and Glenbrook High School from Louisiana and more! This past year at one camp we had six different states represented!

My littles Hixson High School from Tennessee!

Very similar to the Top-Banana Award, given out at all Residential UCA Camps, something unique to UCA Camp in PCB, is the Whale! Just like the Top-Banana, given to the team who is showing the most spirit throughout camp, the whale goes to the team who is having a “whale” of a time! Making UCA camp in PCB full of spirit!

Huntland High School with the whale!

To raise the spirit even more, UCA Camp at Edgewater offers a camp where you can bring your entire Spirit Squad! Giving your school the opportunity for both your cheer and dance programs to get ready for game day at the same camp, while having opportunities to bond your entire program with activities like the camp wide luau!

UCA and UDA Staff working together!

Sunshine and spirit fill The Edgewater Beach Resort making it the place you want to (pc)B! Hope to see you next year at UCA Camp!

– Emily

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