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There is a special type of anticipation that comes with #UCAGameDay. After all of your hard work at #UCAcamp and summer practices, the time has finally come for your team to execute crowd leading techniques in a real time game situation. During the game you get to do what you love in front of a crowd, support your school’s team and spread spirit throughout to the entire community.

As a cheerleader you have countless opportunities to ensure that there is an exciting atmosphere come game time, and many of these opportunities are presented long before kick-off.

Some great ways to raise awareness and excitement for the game throughout the week are: fill the halls with creative posters, decorate the football player’s lockers and rock your Varsity Spirit Fashions game day apparel.

You and your teammates are part of a group of students that people look to for encouragement and school pride all year long, and if you continue to emphasize the value of showing spirit on game day you will inspire others to show their pride at the games. Additionally, you become the connecting link between the student body and the school administration. You work directly with the administration and are sent out to represent the school as ambassadors in the community. This relationship allows you to work with administration to bring the ideas that the student body has for increasing school spirit to life on game day. Students will become more invested in game day if they feel like they play a part in spirit raising!

There are many things that go in to #UCAGameDay, so make an effort to keep the excitement up all week leading into the game. And remember that each week needs to be as exciting as the first. Game day has the potential to be a time where the community really comes together, and you as a cheerleader have the privilege of playing a major role in making that happen.

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