Trending Dances you Need to Learn TODAY (at home)

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Trending Dances you Need to Learn TODAY (at home)

-UDA Emily

It’s no secret that the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States has changed everyone’s lives tremendously. Technology use has definitely increased since social distancing guidelines were put into place! One app that has seen a huge increase in use is TikTok. Dancers post videos of themselves doing different short routines. Others can share it, learn the material, and post their own version of the choreography. It’s a great at-home activity that will keep you active and entertained! Take this time to move around your furniture, roll up the rug, and learn some of these five trending dances!

  • “The Renegade”

The Renegade has swept the country on Tik Tok! Set to the song “Lottery” by K- Camp; the sharp arm movements combined with head, chest, and hip isolations make it fun to solo or in a group! It definitely is a little more challenging, but you definitely want to know the choreography, so you whip out the routine when the music plays on the radio, on a TV Show, at a concert, etc.!

  • “Say So”

Dancing to “Say So” by Doja Cat? Yes PEASE! This sweet and sassy routine features different motions that correspond to the lyrics of the song. This dance won’t take you long to remember but it’s one you’ll never forget! This is a great dance to learn over video chat with a few friends, then you can duet each other and it’ll be like you’re together in the same room!

  • “Attention”

Are you a dancer who LOVES to show off their tricks? Do you have a gorgeous grand battement? Have you been working on your splits? If all these apply to you, then the “Attention” dance is the one you should learn next! Dancers around the country have demonstrated their favorite skills and comprehension of musicality to impress the audience and convince others to post their own versions!

  • “Can’t Touch This”

Based on the song “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer; this remix of the song from the 1990s will test your fast movements. You start out dancing along to the classic song, but when the beat drops, you drop into a super-fast version of the “Macarena”. After showing off your fast-paced arm movements, you bang on some imaginary drums and you hit the woah! This is dance is a fun take on a classic routine!

  • “The Smeeze”

Want to get your heart pumping? Want to move? “The Smeeze” is definitely the dance for you! “The Smeeze” features a changing direction pony. You will need some more experience to master this dance, but once you get it you will have the time of your life!


This time in quarantine has without a doubt been tough; as we continue to do our parts to return to normalcy soon, it is important to find the silver lining in our everyday lives. Dancing can relieve some stress and bring more happiness into this extended time at home. I hope you enjoy learning these dances and you continue to pursue your passion whenever and wherever you can!

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