Staying Warm and Stylish on the Sidelines

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Football season is going strong and fall is in full swing, but temperatures are dropping quickly and winter is on its way! Keeping warm is so important as an athlete in order to prevent injury, illness, and perform at your best. No need to freeze on those sidelines! I’ve got some tips to transform your uniforms so your team can stay warm, spirited and stylish on the sidelines.

  1. Add a Bodyliner

If you’re looking for versatility adding a bodyliner is a great way to transition your uniforms so their ideal for every season. These are available in a large variety of colors and styles and can even be customized! They are a seamless way to add sleeves to your current uniform. Whether your inside or outside your team is sure to be comfortable and confident in their uniforms while proudly representing your school at games and community events. 

  1. Letterman Jackets

The Varsity letterman jacket is a timeless tradition worn by high school and college athletes dating back to the late 1800s. These comfy and classic jackets represent dedication and commitment to your sport and team. I have fond memories of wearing my own letterman jacket proudly around my high school and community. I will definitely treasure it forever and my mom still has her letterman jacket too! Varsity Spirit keeps things fresh and current with a wide array of modern features, fabrics, and fits.

  1. Warm-Up Jackets and Pants

A warm-up is a uniform’s best friend, it’s dependable and has always got your back! They can be worn over your current uniform, or even as an alternative by swapping out your uniforms skirt for warm-up pants. The options for a unique and comfortable warm-up that compliment your team’s uniforms are endless. Opt for a clean fitted athletic jacket paired with yoga pants, a traditional lightweight tracksuit style, or even a trendy and warm sherpa or fleece pullover! All of these options are both stylish and functional and will keep your team looking uniform and sharp come rain or shine.

  1. Accessories! 

Keeping warm from bow to toe is a job that just a warm-up can’t handle alone. Accessorize and spice up your team’s uniforms with accessories! Embroidered ear warmers, hats, scarves gloves, and even socks are super fun and effective ways to keep warm that your squad is sure to wear with pride. 

So, as temperatures drop and football season continues, remember these 4 tips to staying warm AND stylish on the sidelines!

– UDA Khayla

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