#SpiritMatters Now More than Ever

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Things look different today than they did a year ago. Graduations, sports seasons, proms and celebrations have been canceled due to the happenings in the world. Schools have been out of session and students won’t see each other for months. That’s why, now, more than ever, #SpiritMatters.

Spirit provides a sense of belonging- a connection. With social distancing in place it’s easy to feel disconnected and lost. It’s times like these that we need a strong sense of comradery and inclusion in our school systems. That’s why we are encouraging coaches across the country to grow their spirit programs and include anyone who wants to be a member.

This is a chance- an opportunity- to connect and involve more students than ever before. Right now, it’s important for students to engage with their peers and to feel involved. Spirit program members will be the ones to rally students behind their school and be the driving force behind school pride.

Being a part of the spirit program gives students the ability to lead and to make a difference in their communities. Right now, people need a sense of unity.  These students have the opportunity to make a difference and create unification in their home towns. These students are the difference makers. They are the community leaders.

Spirt is powerful. It provides a sense of belonging and helps forge a common bond. Now, more than ever, we need that common bond. Now, more than ever, #SpiritMatters.

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