Raising Spirits by Celebrating Others

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Raising Spirits by Celebrating Others!

We may have been a little distant lately but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate others from afar.  While some birthday parties have been missed and other get-togethers cancelled, there are still ways to let loved ones know you care about their special day. After all, being a Spirit Raiser is all about cheering others up and making them feel connected during times like these. Here are some tips to celebrate all the birthdays, achievements and wins during this time apart.

  • Birthday Parties Gone Virtual– Planning a virtual party for a friend is just a click away! Log on to Zoom and send out an invite for everyone to attend a virtual birthday party. You can play games, catch up, or simply wish the guest of honor well. No matter what, you have made their day special with everyone they love, all in one Zoom space. Why not dress it up a little? Include a fun theme and have everyone dress up together. You could even choose a theme from a past summer camp!
  • Lights, Camera, ACTION!– Want to make someone feel valued on their special day? Ask all their friends and family to record a short video message and send them all to you. They can be messages filled with good wishes, congratulations, kind words and more. Once you have all the short videos, download the free iMovie app and compile all the sweet clips into one long video for your friend to watch. We guarantee it will put a big smile on their face to see family and friends celebrating them on the big screen!
  • Chalk it Up to Spirit! – Who doesn’t like a good throwback? We all remember playing with sidewalk chalk when we were little and now is the time to bring it back. Grab some chalk and head over to your friend’s house to write a sweet message on their sidewalk. This will be the perfect colorful surprise when they look out the window!

We will all be back raising spirits at our game days and pep rallies before you know it. Until then, keep celebrating the little wins, people you love, and the spirit that holds us all together.

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