Raise the Standard: Get Camp Ready

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RAISE your spirit. RAISE your voice. RAISE your expectations. RAISE the standard. RAISE the bar. Whether it’s game time or show time, there’s never been a better time or a better place to RAISE IT UP than at USA Summer Camp!

Although you learn all you need for a successful season at summer camp, prepping for camp gives you a leg up and allows you to fully absorb and start putting into practice all the tips, technique, training and routines packed into your four day experience. Read on for ways you can RAISE THE STANDARD and get camp ready!

  • Be Open Minded. Go all in with your new team by being open to learning new stunt positions. While your new team is focused on establishing good technique from the get-go, it’s the perfect time for everyone to learn new spots so you can fill in wherever you are needed. Be coachable and go in with a positive attitude to set a good example for your new teammates!
  • Build Your Strength, Together. Most teams have a break before camp, then feel a little winded halfway into day 2. Know that camp is an action-packed experience, so being physically up to the challenge will help you enjoy each day that much more. Even if you can’t practice together, perhaps you can come up with a fun (and safe) conditioning program, keeping each other accountable, so that you are feeling strong and ready to go at camp. It could be something as simple as going on fun hikes together or beach walks together. A little something is a whole lot better than nothing.
  • Set Sideline Lines. Setting your sideline lines before camp will give you a head start on learning the proper roll-offs, will line up your stunt groups properly for smoother transitions to the time-out cheers and will help get your fight song set (which you will hopefully use a ton in the fall after each touchdown, at rallies, at Game Time competitions and throughout the year).

Starting over with a new team allows you a fresh start, an opportunity to set a higher standard for what is expected of each athlete on and off the sideline, court and performance floor. No matter where you are right now, take your program to the next level at summer camp…and the level after that…and the level after that. Don’t hesitate to call your State Director for more tips or questions on what you can do to RAISE IT UP in 2018.

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