Raise the Bar!

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Raise the Bar!

Competitive cheer teams are in the final stretch and see the finish line just ahead. What can you do to make that final push and make your performance even more spectacular? Just like in a great TV show or movie, it’s the little things that can make a huge impact.

We caught up with Conner Huber, State Director and Program Manager for Southern California, as well as V!ROC choreographer, to get some quick tips to pass along to you. Below are three things you can do to RAISE THE BAR as you prepare for your final competitions.

NATIONALS SEND OFF.  Invite family and friends to a Nationals Send Off that takes place towards the end of your last practice before the big event. Your fans should become extremely familiar with your cheer call backs so you have an even louder cheer section at Nationals! In particular, make sure your crowd knows the pace and speed of your cheer so you are all on the same page and are working as one. Their energy paired with yours can add a totally different dynamic to the atmosphere created during your performance.

STUDY THE SCORING SYSTEM.  Make sure you are familiar with our new scoring system. Read the scoring range documents thoroughly to fully understand what percentage you need to hit in order to get in your desired range. Familiarize yourself with the drivers that ultimately affect your score. Give the documents another solid review to make sure you are not missing out on the new updates and changes. Check out http://www.usacamps.com/spiritinfo to review the scoring system.

FINE TUNE.  Now that you’ve taken the mat a few times, fine tune the little things that can make a big impact. From adding difficulty with the increased skillset you’ve developed over the last few months to cleaning the way you transition to formations, everything adds up when you take the Nationals stage.

You’ve been working all year for this moment. Don’t overlook all the memories you’ve made and are making as you face the final finish line. The ups and downs you’ve experienced together throughout the year have forged a bond among your teammates that will last long after the stage lights go down. Stay focused and stay hungry, yet remember to pick each other up. RAISE THE BAR and finish strong.

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