Power of Your Voice

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Have you ever struggled to get the crowd to yell with you? Use the power of your squad’s voice to lead the crowd and encourage participation. Here are five steps to success:

Unify your sound: Everyone should yell in unison. Pay attention to inflection, timing and rhythm, especially for longer cheers. Your crowd will have a much easier time following along when the cheer sounds the same every time.

Create easy material: Keep the vocabulary of your cheers simple and easy to follow. Words should be relatively short and easy to pronounce. Utilize familiar team symbols like colors and mascots. Simple football terms (defense, offense, touchdown) work well too.

Keep it natural: To avoid sounding screechy, yell with a natural and relaxed voice. If you have concerns about volume, use a megaphone.

Connect and project: Make eye contact with the crowd and flash an encouraging smile. Project your voice clearly and confidently. Who wouldn’t want to chant along?

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