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It’s crazy to think about how such a microscopic moment can make all of the difference to a person. At camp, there is an abundance of awards received on final day, however, there is possibly the most special award that a staffer will give to one single camper at each camp. This award can be given on any day, at any time, and for any reason. This is, of course, the prestigious Pin It Forward!

Pin it forward is one of the special duties of a staffer to recognize a camper for a quality that has made them stand out. The unique moment of pinning it forward is that the staff can personally award at any time throughout the camp and for any reason. Some qualities in which we strive to seek out include:

Stepping up to be a leader by setting a good example for their peers, including members on other teams.

  • A camper going above and beyond in classes including when learning routines never goes unnoticed!
  • An individual that has a great spirit every day is something that the staff loves to recognize!
  • Last but most certainly not least, a camper who shows how passionate they are, is kind to others, and of course SMILES!

A smile can go a long way!

These are just a few of the qualities that make the staff want to reward someone with the pin!

The unique aspect to this award is that you do just as the award is called, you “Pin It Forward.” Once you have received a pin it is then your job to pin it forward to another camper that stands out to you!

I got to talk to two of my campers and heard about what receiving the pin it forward meant to them.

“As a camper receiving a pin it forward, I felt like I was being recognized for the work that I was putting into camp. It’s nice to feel like you’re standing out in such a large crowd of talented dancers who also do what you do. Its nice to see people noticing my love for dance and is definitely something that I will take away from camp and never forget!”

Nicolette (Hagerty High School)

“It was my first time at camp when I got the pin it forward award. I was picking up trash lying on the floor and all of a sudden a staff member walked up to me and gave me the pin. For me personally, it was something that I would have done regardless but not knowing about the pin, it felt as though I was being appreciated for such a small task. I thought it was really awesome knowing that I then had a pin to pass onto someone else and I was left with a feeling of having a duty to notice other dancers. When I look back onto my first UDA Camp freshman year, this is the moment that I always remember and continue to tell our new team members about when preparing for camp!!”

-Melanie (Ray/Pec High School)

Always remember that YOU play a role at camp and what you do matters! As campers we should always strive to receive a pin it forward not just for the recognition, but to know that someone noticed greatness in you. When ever you attend camp aim to stand out! Be the camper that becomes friends with all teams, has great work ethic in everything they do, carries a positive attitude, and challenges yourself to learn as much as you can from all of your instructors. By pinning it forward we have the ability to express our appreciation for others and take home a something special that you earned all on your own.

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