An Open Letter to Senior Spirit Leaders

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“Behind you, all your memories. Before you, all your dreams. Around you, all who love you. Within you, all you need.”

Dear Senior Spirit Leaders,

We want you to know how incredible it is to reach this moment in life. Not only have you achieved many goals, but you did it all while showing others what it means to be a spirit leader— showing pride in your school, encouraging your community, loving your teammates through every season. Leaving a legacy – in true spirit leader fashion. You may be wondering… was it all for this moment alone? We’re here to tell you, that you’ve only just begun!

Acknowledge the memories you’ve made throughout the past four years. From your first pep rally to team sleepovers, cherish every moment. Take a few minutes and reach out to three teammates and share your favorite memory of them.

Celebrate your accomplishments. Post three achievements you are most proud of and tag those who helped you along the way. Weather it’s your coach, parents or a mentor, be sure to thank them for playing in huge part in the success of your journey thus far.

Do what makes your spirit shine! If there is one thing you’ve learned over the years, it’s how to spread spirit. What are you passionate about? Make note of three things that put a fire in your heart and how you can share them with others.

So what now? Our hope is that you move forward into the next stage of life knowing that you have a spirit family by your side, every step of the way. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication, perseverance and enthusiasm. It’s time to give a shout out to the years that molded you into who you are today and say hello to the years to come.

This one is for you, seniors!

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