NDA Summer Camp State of Mind

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As a dancer, NDA Summer Camp is deemed one of the most fun experiences! Spending a week with your best friends doing something you love and growing together, all at the same time, is just too good to be true! Here are three tips to help you have the right mentality for the best camp experience.

Be humble…

Being humble means that you take a step back, swallow your pride, and recognize that others might be able to help you. Allow yourself to accept helpful tips from your NDA Staff, Head Instructor(s), and coaches. We are all here to help you reach the next level!

Be open-minded…

The few days at camp are filled with so many opportunities to expose yourself to new things! Try the next level of specialty technique classes or try out a new style of dance during specialty routine class. Camp is the place where excelling in your strengths directly coincides with opening yourself up to new opportunities. By going into camp with an open mind, you are more likely to come out of it feeling more successful as a dancer.

Be a leader…

Leadership is something NDA holds near and dear to our hearts. Being a leader can mean showing up early to a specialty technique class, putting in that extra practice time before leaving for lunch or even something as simple as giving a teammate a high five when they nail a new skill! Leading by example is the most important thing you could do as a teammate. Keep in mind, the prized NDA All American Nomination ribbon is awarded to those who show leadership and are not exclusive to team captains, anyone can show leadership qualities!

NDA Summer Camp is a time to perfect your skills, learn new things, and grow as an individual within your team. Take advantage of all the opportunities given to you and get ready to embark on your #JouneyWithNDA!

See you soon,
NDA Maggie

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