NCA Staff Once Cheered in Your Shoes

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Because We Once Cheered In Your Shoes

We know how you are feeling because we feel it too.
We’re missing friends and family, and definitely missing you!
Things are a little different but it’s only for awhile.
Here are some NCA Staff letters, we know will make you smile.
See, we were once in your shoes…
Young cheerleaders wanting to Pursue Greatness, just like you!
We’ve made spirit our purpose and cheering for you our goal.
Now here are some encouraging words; all you have to do is scroll.


Dear Cheerleader,
Cheerleading is everything to me. Since I was 8-years-old it has been the best escape, challenge, and distraction from real life. Every year I would step off the bus at NCA Summer Camp and that would be the start to a new season, with a new team, which means new opportunities to push myself out of my comfort zone and strive for success. Cheerleading has taught me how to be a great leader, both on the mat and in my every day life.
My biggest piece of advice to Pursue Greatness is to set personal and team goals for the season. It’s important to stay motivated and be held accountable! Just know that your NCA Staff miss you all so much and we can’t wait to help you Pursue Greatness soon. Keep your chins held high, and always remember, The Work Is Worth It!


Dear Spirit Raiser,
Cheerleading has always been my escape from the world. Whether it was a tough day or there was a lot on my mind, cheerleading has always been my safe zone. This sport has given me so many great memories, connections and relationships throughout the years. It has not only helped me learn physical skill, but some pretty important life skills as well!
You can Pursue Greatness by striving for progression, not perfection. It’s not all about where you end up, but the journey that got you there. Be proud of who you are and what you stand for! Repetition and resilience is key – you must keep a positive mindset to obtain success. If you’re having a hard day, remember your “why.” Why did you choose to be a cheerleader? What motivates you? Cheer your heart out for the people around you, your teammates, coaches and school. Have pride in them because they have pride in you.
As unsettling as the times may be right now, remember that you are doing your part to help the world become a safer place. One day you will go back to practice, go to camp with your team, and put on that uniform again. Remember the joy that cheering brings. Take time at home, while you’re watching your favorite show to do some exercises or jumps. Keep up your skills right now, because remember – The Work Is Always Worth It.

Dear Positive Thinker,
Cheerleading has meant a lot to me because it’s shaped my spirit, my will, and my belief in all things positive. To me, having spirit means having the undeniable belief that everything will work out. Spirit is the ability to focus all of your energy on the positive things around you while encouraging others to do the same. Being spirited is important because it uplifts others and maintains a sense of community and strength in trying times. For me, having gratitude also helps tremendously in maintaining that positive energy. When you are grateful for everything you have and all that you are, you begin to notice the positive things around you and new doors begin to open up.
One tip that I have is to try not to make excuses for the things that you’ve always wanted to do but may have been putting off. My excuse for most things was always, “I never have enough time.” Now is an excellent opportunity to devote your time to achieving your goals. Whether your goal is working on your personal development, your flexibility, tumbling, motion technique, or whatever it is that you’ve wanted to do, but just continued to make excuses, now is the time to do it. For anyone that is struggling through this time in our lives, I’d like to remind you to keep your chin up and your spirits high. Remember that in order to Pursue Greatness, you must put in the work and, as you all may know, The Work Is Worth It!

Dear Achiever,
Cheer has given me a sense of purpose and the opportunity to learn how to become a leader and outgoing person. When I was younger, I was extremely shy and cheer completely turned that around for me. In order to Pursue Greatness, you must never give up. No matter how difficult things may be, quitting will only deprive you of all the good that comes from achieving your goals.
Always find that spark to give it one more try, and only amazing things will follow. Remember to stay positive during those hard times as well! This goes for everything in life, not just cheer. Find the light, and it will shine on you.



Dear Goal Seeker,
Cheer is everything to me. If you told me when I was Senior in High School that cheer would be my career I would have thought you were crazy. Today it’s my life and I absolutely love it.
Competition is present in any sport and we often compare ourselves to others. I have learned throughout my cheer career that YOU are your only competition. If you have a dream and a passion to pursue that dream, then go for it. YOU are the only one that will get in the way of achieving those goals. Keep pushing, keep striving, and always Pursue Greatness.
During these times I encourage you to keep chasing your dreams, stay active, and be as productive as you can. When this is all over your going to look back and say, “It was WORTH IT.” Remember you are not alone and we are all in this together.


Dear Go-Getter,
Cheerleading has not only been a sport for me to stay active but also a place for me to be myself. Not only have I grown as a “cheer” leader over the years, but also as a better leader in everyday life. I will forever be grateful for the time spent learning and growing into the person I am today – all because of cheer!
One way you can Pursue Greatness and achieve your goals is by writing them down! That might seem kind of silly, but I do this ALL the time. If I write my goals down and get those thoughts out of my brain then I’ll know exactly what I need to do to cross off it off my list. There’s something about being able to see my goals get checked off that motivates me to keep going! You know what they say, The Work Is Worth It.
I know these times are strange and can be hard. I want to encourage you to use this time to your advantage! It’s not often we are able to stay home for extended periods of time, so think about what you want to PURSUE. A certain skill? Tighter motions? Perfect jumps? Maybe something that’s not cheer related like getting a good grade in a class. Keep pushing and don’t be afraid to ask for help because we’re all in this together. I know that great things are coming for all of us and I cannot wait to see everyone at NCA Camp this summer!

Dear Confident Athlete,
Cheer has made me the person I am today. It has taught me how to work as a team, dedicated myself and manage my time. Cheer has also given me confidence which helped so much with my self-esteem when I was younger. Cheer is my escape from the world. It’s truly my happy place! Cheer has also given me some of my best friends!
One of the best ways to Pursue Greatness is to believe in yourself and to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. You can do anything if you work hard and believe!
During this time at home remember to continue working on your skills. Continue to push yourself and challenge yourself with cheer but also with other goals you want to accomplish. Remember that we are all in this together we will get through it and come out even stronger!


Dear Hard Worker,
Cheer has always been my happy place! When I was growing up it was the one place where I could truly be myself. I would tell younger cheerleaders to set one goal at a time and focus on that specific goal before moving on to another to help them Pursue Greatness! Make sure to not lose sight of your goals while at home. Work hard everyday and stay positive. NCA Staff are rooting for you!

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