My “Experience” with UCE

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Hi! I am Tichira Smith, an HBCU graduate of Norfolk State University – Go Spartans!

Being a part of The Urban Cheerleading Experience has been nothing short of amazing. During summers I get the opportunity to travel and teach #UCEcamp to a variety of teams all over the country. Aside from teaching sidelines, cheers, band dances and stunts, I am a mentor and role model to cheerleaders everywhere.  I get to train athletes from all different backgrounds and of various skill levels. I have the privilege of  getting to know teams from all over, learn their traditions and what makes their school special.
I have a great appreciation for how we all connect through this particular style of cheerleading.

At #UCEcamp, athletes and coaches typically ask me, “Did you cheer in college?” and “What was it like attending an HBCU?” I cheered at NSU for three years. I also served as a student ambassador and Senior Class President. I enjoy being able to educate young athletes about HBCU’s and answering their questions from majors to campus life.

Cheerleading provides an outlet for so many athletes. At #UCEcamp you are pushed to your fullest potential. I am extremely passionate about inspiring, motivating, and encouraging each individual to be the best version of themselves. I also become a part of their family and team culture during our time together. I absolutely LOVE what I get to do with The Urban Cheerleading Experience. It’s about the “experience.”


– UCE Staff  Tichira

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