How to Lead Your Squad at #UCAcamp

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Congratulations! You’ve been selected as a captain for this season and it’s going to be an amazing year with your knowledge and guidance! You have the honor of leading your team to each victory and the determination to help them persevere through every struggle your squad may face. This is going to be the BEST year yet! What better way to kick-off the season than attending #UCACamp? Camp can be an amazing opportunity to set the tone for the year, start leading by example, and getting to know your fellow teammates. Here are three tips to start your season right, by being an outstanding captain at camp!

The first (and most fun) way to start leading as an effective captain during camp, is to keep your squad’s spirits up at all times. With all the stunt classes, new pyramids, cheering your heart out, and crazy banana chanting, sometimes your team could use a little pick-me-up to keep them going. That’s where you come in! You, as a captain, get to be the shining light and positive energy they need to keep themselves going. You can inspire them to try their hardest and remind them to never give up on each other. Not only will this help everyone feel better and work more cohesively together, but this is secretly a great way to start setting the tone for the whole season!

This second tip is where, as a captain, you will learn that actions speak louder than words. The most vital role you will learn to have throughout being a captain is to always lead by example. And, there is no better place to begin doing so than at camp! So, when you hear your coach call in the team to talk, be the first person to start running towards her. If someone needs help rolling a mat, volunteer yourself to help. When speaking to others, always be kind and respectful. It’s the smallest things you do, that others will acknowledge, admire, and begin doing themselves during camp, and the year!

The last, and most important tip of all, is to use camp as an opportunity to get to know your teammates! The coolest thing about being a captain is that your team will always be looking up to you. Use that personable trait as an opportunity to build quality relationships with each member of the squad. Help them through their times of need, listen to their point of view, and always make sure they are feeling like a part of the team. The little moments and making someone smile when they needed it, are going to be what separates you from being a good captain, to being a great captain and role model!

To recap:

1. Keep the high-energy and positive spirits up
2. Lead by example ALL the time
3. Get to know every member of your squad!
If you follow these three steps you are going to have so much fun being a great captain for your squad at #UCAcamp! Best of luck this season!


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