Halftime with NDA Staff

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Let’s Talk Basketball!

Wait, time out – basketball? If you are a dancer looking to continue your career on a college dance team, then you are in the right place! NDA Staff are here to turnover some tips and insights about college basketball season as a collegiate dancer.

“Always cheer on your team, no matter what the score board says. Get lots of pictures – making memories with my teammates is one of my favorite parts of game day. Try and get out into the crowd as much as you can! It’s so rewarding to become aquatinted with those who love and support your school. Learn basketball and get to know the ins and outs so you can confidently support the team.”

– NDA Natalie

“One of my favorite things about college basketball is immersing myself in the noise, excitement, and culture of the fans. It is a whole different atmosphere when you are so close and can connect with your peers by supporting the team and your school!”

– NDA Kia

“Whether you sit on the sidelines or support from the stands, you should always have good posture and presence! Be sure to pay attention to the game so you can respond to anything that happens (rebound, defense, foul, etc.). Basketball season is my ABSOLUTE favorite! It’s such a fast paced sport which makes it fun to watch. There are always children who love to interact with you, even if it is something as small as waving to them during the game.”

– NDA Cameron

“Some of my favorite things about dancing at basketball games is when we spirit out into lines doing our opening ripple. The lights are off and the team is announced through their introduction video. I can really feel the crowd, fans, basketball team, and everyone else get really hyped for the game!”

– NDA Makenzie



Be sure to follow along with our #NDAgameday takeovers throughout the year for a closer look at NDA Staff on college game day!

NDA Basketball Takeovers


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