Developing Leadership Skills at UCA Camp

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Hey guys! My name is Claire and I am an instructor from the great state of over 10,000 lakes, also known as Minnesota! One of my favorite parts about #UCAcamp is being able to connect with cheerleaders through classes and programs offered, specifically ones that have an emphasis on leadership! Through UCA’s Squad Credentialing curriculum, teams are able to develop leadership goals for each of their classes as well as have their captains attend Captain Leadership Training to promote strong leaders throughout the ENTIRE team!

My favorite part about the Captain’s Leadership Training is discussing with the captains various strategies on how to be a strong leader and what captains have implemented throughout their previous seasons that have had a positive impact! For example, captains can make sure that they are on time for camp, which in UCA time that always means 5 minutes early! Transitioning this idea to your own season, captains should be on time for practice, games, and performances to set a positive example for the rest of the team! By setting this standard, captains are not only make excellent role models, but they are creating the tone of the team for the entire season!

 Another example of leadership that can be demonstrated by any squad member is to be kind to everyone at UCA camp! This trait can go a long way and creaties an uplifting and welcoming environment for your squad, at camp and back home! Examples of leadership such as these have been discussed and implemented at UCA Camp and have helped captains and team members in transitioning and designating their own leadership roles to their own squad back at home!

Wherever this season leads your squad, always remember-

EVERYONE can be a leader!


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