Day 6 – Parade Day!

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2018, you were a year to remember. Each All-American took a different path with his/her own joys, challenges and growth, but it led each of them here today, as an All-American cheerleader, dance or drum major in the Rome New Year’s Day Parade!

Today, the first day of an incredible year ahead, we gathered with thousands of others in the streets of Rome to participate in the Rome Parade. While it was incredible to be able to tour this iconic, historic city all week ad having the opportunity to cheer and dance through Piazza del Popolo (People’s Square), while thousands of spectators cheered us on from all corners of the streets, this event really brought the entire week full circle. Each individual and family worked so hard to get to this very day. We LOVE what we do. Being a cheerleader, dancer or a drum major is a huge part of our identity, and today our efforts were highlighted (in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!)

We arrived at the starting point of the parade in the early afternoon, and split up into four different entertainment groups to create variety for the viewers. The first group of cheerleaders performed to “Celebration” and the next group of dancers performed to “Rhythm Nation”. The next group was a variety of cheerleaders, dancers and drum majors that performed to “All Around the World”, and the last group of dancers performed to “Celebrate.” This parade is a celebration of music and culture; it was amazing to see the diversity in performances, local and abroad, that the whole crowd could appreciate. There were also marching bands from other schools in the US, and it was amazing to see everyone supporting each other over seas.

Soon, sidewalks were covered with thousands of people who were ready for a show! Seeing the crowd’s reaction, as the cheerleaders, dancers and drum majors performed, was immediate gratification for the All-Americans, and they didn’t want it to end! All throughout the day, they chanted “Buon Anno, Roma, from Var-si-ty!  And “R-O-M-A, we love ROMA!” And they sure did love us too. The high-energy crowd yelled and cheered for us as we yelled and cheered for them. There is no better feeling than being a part of something so much bigger than yourself.

This week, we became aware of how different, and similar, we all are. Everyone takes a different path in life, yet, the power of spirit was able to bring all of these individuals to the same place this week. We hope this was an experience of a lifetime, and one you will cherish forever. Thank you All-Americans, families, the City of Rome and Varsity Spirit for making this unforgettable experience possible this week. Buon Anno!


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