#UCAstaff Camp Series: Panama City Beach at Laketown Wharf

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Hi friends! My name is Madeline, I’m a UCA Staff Instructor from Florida and I am so excited to share my amazing experiences and memories with you from UCA Camp on the beach!

If you love cheer camp and the beach (just like I do) then you’ll go BANANAS over UCA Camp at the Laketown Wharf Resort! For most of the country, having cheer camp on the beach isn’t even possible, but for us here in the sunshine state, it is the only way we know how!

Panama City Beach UCA Camps are so special because every single cheerleader not only brings their bathing suit and hula skirt, they bring their energy, and LOTS of it. This unmatched spirit is what earns these cheerleaders the Top Banana and Whale of the Day! The Whale is unique to PCB Camps and is awarded to the team that is having a “whale of a time.”

On day one, we walk right over to the beach where we teach our littles two personalized sidelines. My favorite part about this time at camp is when we get the vacationers on the beach to cheer with us! Right after lunch on day two, we have a beach break! It is so relaxing to have some fun in the sun with your team while making memories that will last a life time.

In Panama City Beach, night three is always one to remember. We have a poolside luau to celebrate the week where everyone changes out of their cheer shoes and campwear and into their flip flops and grass skirts! To end the night, we walk over to the Wharf to watch the light show. This is such a fun experience unique to Laketown Wharf where amazing memories are made!

Panama City Beach Cheer Camps at the Laketown Wharf Resort are a great way to bond with your team, soak up the sun and have fun all while learning new skills and material that will set you up for a successful season!

 – UCA_Madeline

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