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Cheer Courses:

Partner Stunt Progressions I:
This course is an introduction to partner stunts and spotting for partner stunts. It explains the concept of using building block skills and skill progressions as well as the specific techniques used in common partner stunts. The course also covers proper spotting techniques and how to develop spotting skills for cheerleaders.

Partner Stunts Progressions II:
“Partner Stunt Progressions I”: is a prerequisite for this course. This course builds on the fundamental skills taught in “PSP I” and continues through to advanced stunting and transitional stunts.

Motions, Jumps and Tumbling:

This course covers the fundamental techniques involved in cheerleading motions, jumps and tumbling. Basic motions are taught along with the specific techniques to synchronize and sharpen motions. Cheerleading jump technique and jump skill development through proper stretching and strength building are presented. The course also teaches the basic techniques involved in spotting cheerleading tumbling including back handsprings and standing back tucks.

Dance Courses

Dance Technique I
This course focuses on teaching dance coaches basic dance technique, dance terminology and style in a safe, progressive manner.

Conditioning and Stretching for Dance
This course covers the basic conditioning elements every dance coach needs to further enhance their dancer’s technique and maximize safety. This course is centered around the “Big Four” of conditioning: strength training guidelines, incorporating weights, proper stretching and effective stretching methods.


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