CSD Cheerleaders Take on #VarsityRome

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From California School of the Deaf, Kellirae and Jared are the FIRST deaf All-Americans representing their school and USA Camps. These two seniors from Riverside, CA are fluent in American Sign Language, set lofty goals for their futures, have a great appreciation for this exciting week and immediately took a leadership role here in Rome, Italy.

The Cubs Cheerleading Squad at CSD cheers for every sport – Football, basketball, volleyball, soccer. You name it! They are leaders on the field and in the school, with their involvement in multiple programs and influence in the community. We had the chance to ask Kellirae and Jared about their spirit raising activities within their school, and here’s what they had to say:

Kellirae, senior cheerleader at CSD, says “Every time we raise spirit at our school, we clearly explain what we want the audience to do in the stands, and then they copy us. It gets the audience more involved to have them physically do what we are doing. We do this by use of sign work for colors, plays of the game, chants and the direction and color of our pom poms.”

These two All-Americans put their game day materials to the test, and it paid off when they tried out for All-American at USA Camp. Jared, senior cheerleader at CSD said “At first, I did not think I was going to try out for All-American. I didn’t want to be rejected and I didn’t think I would raise the money for the trip. My coach, Stacey, encouraged me to try out anyway. It turned out that I made it, and I was so thrilled. USA Camp has always been such a special place for me, and this experience is truly incredible.”

Kellirae agreed, and added “USA Camp is such a supportive environment. The whole camp stood and cheered for me. It completely took the pressure off and made me feel very comfortable.”

Kellirae and Jared have been lucky enough to work with Andy Gault this week, an American Sign Language interpreter, and one of our own NCA Staff. Andy is from Seattle, WA and has been with NCA for 20 years. He is a teacher, an announcer at competitions and an extremely committed and talented ASL interpreter. To learn more about Andy’s endeavors, follow him at @NCAAndy on Twitter!

Wish Kellirae and Jared luck as they are off to college next year and chasing their dreams!

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