5 Reasons To Bring Your Mascot to UCA Camp

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Gain Experience
Whether you have a first year mascot or a seasoned veteran, #UCAcamp is the place to be! For most, camp is the first time a mascot experiences being fully costumed and in front of a crowd. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to shake those jitters and see what it’s like to interact with people, other than their team. By the end of camp they will be comfortable in costume and ready for the sidelines. Mascots also get a chance to tryout for UCA All-American, and the opportunity to attend and perform at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida!

Material and Ideas
At #UCAcamp we teach the basics of becoming a great mascot and how to apply these skills in game day situations. Materials ranges from becoming their characters, perfecting their walk, to how to respond to timid children. Mascots learn a three minute folly routine, which they perform as a group on the final day of camp. This includes dances, silly skits, and crowd engagement.  They will take home new and creative ideas and how their character can get better crowd engagement and community involvement. Are you including your mascot in your #UCAGameDay routine? Bringing them to camp and choreograph them into the routine sothey’re ready for competition season! Having your mascot on the floor with your cheer team adds to the performance and is perfect for pep rallies and community events. 

Fur Family
Mascots are one big FURternity! We take pride in helping one another out and lending a hand (or paw) when needed. By the end of camp your mascot will walk away with new skills and lifelong friends. Many mascots keep in touch throughout the season and help bounce ideas off each other. Some even plan to do skits together when their teams play one another. Mascots who attend camp every year build a bond and mascot camp really offers an atmosphere like no other! Camp is also a time for mascots and cheerleaders to work together and do some team bonding. This lays the foundation for the upcoming season, and good team chemistry shines through in performances.

Fun, Fun, and more Fun!
Yes, there is a lot of learning and hard work at camp, but ultimately your mascot will have FUN! Your mascot will play games designed to help improve their crowd interaction skill, and during the rally mascots and cheer teams come together to play games and learn how to host a spirit-filled pep rally! At the end of camp, friends, family, and the community are encouraged to come out and see the folly routine performance!

Learn From The Best
The UCA mascot staff are passionate and well trained. You can be assured that at camp your mascot will work with some of the best instructors in the nation! They will assist with finding your mascot’s strengths and take pride helping to improve character performances.


Written by Jaelin Dawson

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