Team of 11-Year-Old Cheerleaders Makes a Big Difference

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The team of 11-year-old cheerleaders at Sachem Sports Club wanted to show their thanks to one of their cheer moms who is a nurse at a local hospital- she’d been working 12 hour shifts and they felt it was important to express their gratitude. They decided to send her dinner in appreciation of her dedication to helping their community through the Covid-19 pandemic.

What started as one dinner quickly turned into many more. The idea exploded. What started as dinner for a nurse has turned into meals for over 700 healthcare workers. This includes deliveries to 37 departments in 14 different hospitals and they’ve raised over $6,000.

Though small, they are mighty. A group of 11-year-old cheerleaders from Holbrook, NY has made a tremendous impact on their local healthcare workers and community. The money they are raising is being used at local restaurants to purchase the food being delivered to the hospitals. Not only are they feeding those on the front lines, but they are stimulating their local economy in the process.

You are never too young to make a difference. For this group, the desire to do good started at a young age and was fostered by their coaches Melanie Halloran and Lindsey Kolb. We are excited to see the future of the Sachem 11’s Cheer Team!

If you’re interested in helping the 11’s continue their mission, you can donate directly to the team Venmo account: @SACHEMCHEERTEAM

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