Benefits of Performing a Home Routine at Camp

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There are many reasons why home routines are beneficial for your team and the rest of their season. With home routines being the focus of your new teams early practices, you get to see right off how your team is going to work together. Home routine evaluations take place on night one of camp and teams get to showcase their talents to all of their fellow campers, coaches, and family members. With all the practices leading up to camp, the team will get to bond before they get to go to camp and start building the foundation of a team that works together. If you have been to a UDA camp before, you may have realized that besides dance team tryouts UDA summer camp is the first big event of the season for the majority of dance teams!

A lot can be learned from performing a home routine at UDA camp, such a helpful critiques and a boost of confidence for the new season. Home routines give dancers the chance to show others and themselves what potential they have for the upcoming season. Home routine evaluations are ran very similar to high school and college nationals but with less stress! Coaches can learn and determine how their team works and performs under pressure.

On the last day of camp teams are presented with a home routine evaluation sheet filled with feedback from their performance. Just like nationals, a panel of dancers will be assessing teams, writing down helpful feedback, and ranking them to determine the winner. Getting feedback from a home routine performance can better prepare teams for the rest of their season and for nationals. Seeing how your team performs on stage and the quality of their performance is the first step towards preparing teams for when they step out onto that competition or performance floor!

Home routine evaluations are a great opportunity for teams to perform in a somewhat competitive environment without all of the stress of nationals. If your team has yet to perform a home routine, consider it this summer at UDA camp! Give your team another amazing memory to look back on and help them start the year off right with a home routine as their first performance of the season!

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