Becoming a Strong Leader

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This summer at NCA & NDA Camp we are focusing on becoming Stronger Together. You and your team wouldn’t be able to grow without great leaders who, not only know the way, but show it too. Are you looking to step up your leadership skills? Here are 4 ways to become a strong leader this season.

Inspire Others: Let your passion shine in everything you do. Being the best you can be in school, at practice and during games will inspire others to do the same.

Communicate Effectively: Everyone communicates differently. Learning the best way to relay a message to your teammates will go a long way. Practice communicating with close friends, or even your coach before addressing your team.

Admit Your Faults: Instead of striving for perfection, strive for progress. Everyone makes mistakes. It is okay to admit when you are wrong. Learn from it and grow as an individual.

Be a Mentor: Take a second and think of a person who has been a mentor in your life? What characteristics come to mind? Create a list and work each day to encourage, support and guide those around you.

Start stepping out of your comfort zone by volunteering and offering to lead. Whether it is overseeing a project or leading a practice, each of these steps play an important role in the journey towards becoming a strong leader. After all leaders aren’t born, they are built.

By: Aisa Terry

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