A Letter to My High School Dance Self

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A Letter to My High School Dance Self

Morgan Dubey

I think everyone can agree that it’s crazy to think about how fast things fly by. Time moves too quickly, and some things that we wish would last forever, simply cannot. Being almost three years out of high school, thinking back on my high school dance team days seems like forever ago. There are so many memories to relive, emotions to feel, and lessons to be learned. Looking back, there are so many things we all wish we would’ve known or could’ve been prepared for. If only we knew what we know now. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tell these things to your past-self?


Dear High School Dancer Me,

One day you’re going to wake up, and high school as you know it will be over. Your days dancing on the sidelines for everyone you know are done, and the uniform you’ve gotten to wear for four years is now something you’ll never wear again. As scary as it sounds, life as you know it is changing. Change is good. Leaving your high school teammates, your hometown, and even the coach you’ve had for years may seem like the scariest thing ever. All of these changes that seem so big and impossible to get over, will only help you grow into the new and improved dancer you are in the future. College dancer, you would never be where she is without this high school dance experience, but at some point, it is time to move onto bigger and better things.

The things you learn during a high school dance team are important! As a dancer, you know how important it is to be on time, manage your time, and to ALWAYS double check your packing list. As silly as it may seem to drill these ideas in your head, they really do come in handy in all aspects of your life, even outside of dance. Getting to class on time, making time for work, school, practice, and relationships, or even making sure you have your lab goggles for class all require these skills you didn’t even realize you learned through dancing. There are so many lessons to be learned, and many of them come without even realizing it; many from being a part of a team. Be thankful for the lessons taught to you by your teammates and coaches; everyone that comes into your life is capable of teaching you something new.

Never have regrets. Whether it be walking out of a practice, running this year’s Nationals Pom routine full-out, stepping onto the field for halftime performance, or stepping off the Finals floor, never have regrets about what you just did or what you will do. Thinking back through the hundreds of dance team practices and performances I’ve been through, there are so many times that I wish I could’ve done just a little more. Having regret is one of the worst things to feel, especially when it comes to something held so close to your heart. Do everything with everything you’ve got; holding back to be a little less tired at practice is nowhere near as rewarding as knowing you couldn’t have given anything more.

Have confidence in yourself! One day you’re going to realize all of the amazing things you could have done if only you had confidence in yourself! It can sometimes be hard to be confident in the skills you have or your abilities to keep up when you’re constantly surrounded by such talented people. You are meant to be in the position you’re in, and more importantly, you deserve to be there just as much as everyone else. Never doubt yourself, because if you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will do it for you. Confidence comes in handy for many reasons, dance is only the beginning of it. Nobody can hold you back more than yourself, don’t be afraid to just go for it.

Unfortunately, there are just some things you have to go through to get through, and some of these you just can’t prepare yourself for. There are endless things that we can only wish we could tell our past-selves, these few only represent the beginning of it. No matter what you do or where you go, your future is bright. Never stop working hard, nothing is going to come easy, but everything is definitely going to be worth it. It will all pay off. You got this!


Your Future, College Dancer, UDA Staff Member, Self

P.S. Work on pointing your toes, they could use a little work…(There’s never a bad time to fix bad habits!)

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